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Uniform Policy


It is expected that all Tallulah Academy/Delta Christian students will dress in a manner that will bring credit to our school. Uniforms must be worn from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM (the entire school day). Uniforms must be clean, neat and in good repair. Students (not participating in a special day such as a spirit day) must adhere to the uniform code.



Khaki (no stonewashed or buff), navy, or adopted plaid uniform style, pants or uniform shorts, skirts, capri pants, skorts, and jumpers may be worn. The length must not exceed 4" above the floor while in a kneeling position.(No logo)
Shirts must have a collar and be solid white, navy or specified yellow(maize). (No logo.)
T-shirts worn under any uniform shirt must be white. (These shirts should have no visible designs or writing on them.)
Solid turtlenecks of uniform colors may be worn as outer shirts with slacks, skirts, or shorts. They may also be worn under jumpers or uniform shirts.
Belts must be worn if apparel was purchased with belt loops. Belts must be navy, brown, black, or uniform plaid with no extreme ornamentation. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
PreK-3 and PreK-4 are not required to wear belts or tuck in shirts.
Leggings must be plain white, grey, black, brown or navy (no designs).
All footwear must have an enclosed toe and heel.
Outerwear: Jackets and sweaters worn to school may not be prints or patterns(camouflage, zebra, etc. ).

Any graphic or logo must be no larger than 4” x 4”.
No hats are allowed in the building.
Uniform shirts, belts, etc must be worn under jackets at all times.
No tattoos or excessive body piercings may be visible.
Boys’ pants must be worn on the outside of boots.
Boys should maintain neat haircuts and be clean shaven each day. Hair may notgo beyond the collar in the back, cover the ears on the side, and must be out ofthe student's eyes. No pony tails will be allowed.
Extremes in hairstyles and hair colors will not be allowed for boys or girls.

• Non-uniform dress code is as follows:
o TA spirit clothing (cheerleader uniforms/jerseys) o TA and/or Trojan logo T-shirts only
o Jeans (NO HOLES)
o Only shorts allowed are uniform shorts
o Shoes must have an enclosed toe and heel.